About Us

Lewes Technology Consulting, LLC focuses on the IT strategy and security needs of small and medium businesses and nonprofit organizations.  There is no mistaking that increased use of the Internet and technology in general can make such businesses strong in a short period of time, they must now almost immediately address critical technology issues that are traditionally seen as “big business problems.”

Questions that often must be addressed include:

  • Does your backup strategy completely cover known and unknown risks?
  • Can your online presence scale to support an increase in activity?
  • Are your methods to accept and process credit and debit card payments adequate?
  • Is your mailing list policy in compliance with all applicable laws?
  • How might you be more cost-effective through using online services for your business processes?
  • Does your employee IT policy (or lack thereof) increase your operating risk?

Lewes Technology Consulting is prepared to learn about your business requirements and goals, and help to answer these questions.  The end result is a smoother and lower-risk business operation that can sustain growth while remaining agile and customer-focused.  We’ll leverage nearly 15 years of IT security and operations experience, as well as technical and managerial background to best address your needs.

We look forward to hearing from you, and helping you prepare for the next phases of business – whatever they may be.

Lewes Technology Consulting, LLC is: