Lewes Tech Welcomes Talent and Expands Offerings

We’re thrilled to announce that Marie Hagen has joined Lewes Tech as Senior Project Manager.  Marie brings nearly 16 years of project management experience ranging from software development to construction in the federal, private, and non-profit sectors.  She brings Lewes Tech into an expanded service area, leading our Business Process Analysis and Optimization practice.  As any business owner knows, it’s impossible to improve what you don’t fully understand, and Lewes Tech is eager to help our clients realize their strategic and tactical business goals with Marie’s expertise.

I’m really excited to work with businesses, both locally in Delaware and elsewhere, to help them document and improve the processes and systems that make their businesses work.  Too often, the rapid pace of business doesn’t permit a clear view of the processes that are so critical to operations and growth.  I love seeing businesses – from single-person entrepreneurs to billion dollar multi-national corporations – boost their efficiency and effectiveness through sound project and process management.

-Marie Hagen

Whether you are just starting a business, growing an already vibrant practice, or expanding into new markets, Lewes Tech would love to discuss your requirements.  Contact us today to see how we can help you meet and exceed your goals.