Value of a Hacked PC: Small Business Perspective

STH_Logo_3Small businesses often consider information security as a low priority because, as they often claim, “we don’t have anything anyone would want”.  In light of the media gushing about threats to defense contractors, government agencies, and international banking entities, I can understand such a point of view.

However, it’s important to consider that in many ways your technology infrastructure is just as valuable to certain criminal actors as that of a multinational corporation.  If you process or handle money of any sort on a computer, that value is significantly increased.  Point of sale systems in particular are becoming very attractive (and easy) targets.

brian-krebsBrian Krebs (right) is a recognized and respected technology and security journalist who recently published a piece explaining the value of a single PC to an online criminal.  The SANS Institute created downloadable “You Are A Target” posters in several languages with the same great information.

Take a look at the poster, as you consider the importace of developing and implementing sound information security practices for your business – no matter its size.  There are often solutions to effectively address the majority of your risk without significantly disrupting your business processes.