Waggies by Maggie and Friends

Logo for Waggies by Maggie & Friends

Waggies by Maggie and Friends is a Delaware-based nonprofit organization founded to employ persons with intellectual disabilities and empower them to become productive contributors in the community.  Maggie and her friends enjoy baking, packaging, and marketing all-natural dog treats, which are then sold locally in various stores throughout Delaware, as well as across the USA via an online store.

Lewes Technology Consulting is proud to provide technical support for all of Waggies’ online activities, including storefront management, mailing lists, process automation, and general website assistance.  We established a new online storefront that seamlessly integrates with their existing online presence, and introduced advanced e-commerce tracking which provides valuable insight to their sales operations.  By minimizing the time the staff spends managing their technology, more time can be dedicated to helping the bakers as they continue to produce top-quality products for their happy four-legged customers.

If you have a dog, or know someone who does, take a look at the current bones and kibble products available online – your dogs will beg for more!