Data Recovery and Deletion

Your business is built on the data you create.  Whether you’re storing sensitive client data, financial information, or proprietary records, losing it could be catastrophic for your business.  You business may even be liable for damages or lose a competitive edge if that information were lost or accidentally released.

Lewes Technology Consulting can can help to recover deleted data from many storage devices, including internal and external hard drives, thumb drives, and digital camera media (SD/MMC/Compact Flash).  This process is often successful in recovering files from Microsoft Windows, Apple OS X, and Linux systems.  We first provide a recovery assessment, including the approximate volume of data likely to be recovered and complexity of the recovery process.  Data recovery can be often performed quickly and relatively easily.  In these cases, we will recover your data without additional charge.  If the recovery requires a more in-depth process, we will provide you with an estimate based on the volume of data to be recovered, and proceed on your approval.

We were very happy with the service from Phil Hagen and Lewes Technology Consulting, LLC. My husband and I were devastated when our hard drive went out on our computer. We had a bad experience at the retailer where we purchased the computer. Everything was lost. We were sick to our stomachs, mostly because of all of our irreplaceable photos. Phil was able to recover everything with a quick response and he was very reliable. We are so thankful he was able to help us get everything recovered and back on our computer.

–Kathy and Joe S.

Before donating, re-cycling, or otherwise disposing of a computer, its storage media should always be securely and completely wiped.  This ensures no sensitive personal or business information is exposed to the public.  Simply formatting a drive or deleting files from it still leaves a significant amount of data intact.  Lewes Technology Consulting can completely wipe storage media, and performs spot verification to ensure the process completed successfully.  We then provide documentation for your records confirming that the drive was wiped.  This document contains the serial number of the drive and the methods used to wipe and verify the drive.  There is no charge for a drive that cannot be wiped due to malfunction or any other issue.

For a quote on our data recovery or deletion services, please use the form below.  We will contact you with a quote or if more details are required.

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